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Order your Turkey online. Weights and prices are listed below. Collection is available on Wed 23rd or Thur 24th Dec 9am to 5pm. Telephone us on 01305 852639 if you have any questions, we will be pleased to discuss your requirements or direct you to your nearest stockist.

      Please Note: We offer a COLLECTION ONLY service. We currently do not offer delivery.

Whole Turkeys

Whole Bronze Turkey 4.50kg £53.00
Whole Bronze Turkey 5.00kg £56.00
Whole Bronze Turkey 5.50kg £59.00
Whole Bronze Turkey 6.00kg £62.00
Whole Bronze Turkey 6.50kg £65.00
Whole Bronze Turkey 7.00kg £68.00
Whole Bronze Turkey 8.00kg £72.00
Whole Bronze Turkey 9.00kg £77.00
Whole Bronze Turkey 10.00kg £82.00
Whole Bronze Turkey 11.00kg £88.00 Sold Out

Half a Bronze Turkey

Half a Bronze Turkey 3.00kg (Approx) £36.00

Turkey Crown Roast (with Breast Bone in)

Turkey Crown Roast 3.50kg £59.00
Turkey Crown Roast 4.00kg £65.00
Turkey Crown Roast 4.50kg £71.00
Turkey Crown Roast 5.00kg £79.00
Turkey Crown Roast 6.00kg £88.00

Turkey Joint (Breast and Leg Meat)

Turkey Joint 1.50kg £26.00
Turkey Joint 2.00kg £33.00
Turkey Joint 2.50kg £38.00
Turkey Joint 3.00kg £50.00
Turkey Joint 4.00kg £70.00

Rolled Breast Joint

Rolled Breast Joint 1.50kg £25.00
Rolled Breast Joint 2.00kg £32.00
Rolled Breast Joint 2.50kg £37.00
Rolled Breast Joint 3.00kg £52.00
Rolled Breast Joint 4.00kg £70.00

Turkey Thighs

Turkeys Thighs (Pack of 2) 1.00kg (Approx) £4.00

Turkey Drumsticks

Turkey Drumsticks (Pack of 4) 1.00kg (Approx) £2.50